RF1 Model - ON SALE NOW -
  • RF1 Model - ON SALE NOW -

    The RF1 Model is the only patent pending design with a naturally focusing conical reservoir with added depth and solid walls to further protect the precious contents. WITH AN INCLUDED GRADE 2 TITANIUM TOOL. Never lose any concentrate again by using shallow flat containers from other competitors. The RF1 Model guarantees the most protection and ultimately minimizing the amount of wasted material that is lost in the crevasses/corners and threading of other concentrate containers on the market. So save you and your wallet the trouble and upgrade to the most efficient container, The RF1 Model, to protect your concentrates.

    • Details

      1 Highest quality food/medical grade non-stick silicone body & cap/lid
      1 Pharmaceutical grade 2 Titanium pick/utensil
      Small incisions to securely place pick/utensil for on-the-go use
      Unique Slick Conical Reservoir inside
      100% Solid Exterior Wall & Solid Base for added protection
      Condensation Resistant
      Heat Resistant
      Shatter Resistant
      Dishwasher Safe
      Freezer Safe
      Microwave Safe
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