from a dream to reality...


Refuel co. began with the inspiration to provide the highest quality concentrate tooling and travelware on the market for any consumer looking for more peace of mind when it comes to your medicinal protection. Our mission is to continue to provide the most efficient method to conserve important concentrates.

Other similar non-stick concentrate cases consist of shallow resorvoir with creases that influence the loss of product. To add to this inconvienience, other cases have exterior walls too thin for our comfort.  After realizing what the current market offered were unacceptable for what concentrates truly deserved our response was the RF1 model, and its' hollow conical reservoir, with the depth to protect any and all textures of valuable concentrates (oils, shatter, wax, etc.).  The patented design derived from the idea that the nature of gravity combined with room temperature will focus all the contents to one specific point at all times. The addition of thicker walls is reinforced with a solid base to further stability that will ensure PEACE OF MIND for the consumer. Yet we did not stop there, to assist consumption wherever and whenever necessary we also added a custom pharmecutical grade-2 Titanium utensil, designed to be securely incorporated with the non-stick container for the best portable combination available.